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1. For the first time,  U.S. military says it would use offensive cyberweapons. U.S. admits to developing offensive cyberweapons

2. Wells Fargo's website buckles under flood of traffic. Target of DDoS

3. Stabuniq trojan found on servers at U.S. banks - An information-gathering trojan has successfully compromised servers at a number of U.S. financial institutions, according to researchers at security firm Symantec.

4. Banking trojan on offer again, this time with sky-high price tag - Members of the Carberp crime network have returned to the market, and are offering the banking malware at a steep price for serious suitors: $40,000 per trojan kit

5.'Dexter' Directly Attacks Point-of-Sale Systems - Attackers employ custom malware rather than physical skimmers to steal payment card information from PoS systems in 40 countries - Point-of-sale (PoS) systems at major retailers, hotel chains, and restaurants worldwide have been hit by new custom malware that targets the PoS

6. Calif. Medicaid program exposes 14,000 SSNs - The California Medical Assistance Program (Medi-Cal) accidentally posted online the sensitive information of several thousand individuals.

7. AT&T Hit   by DDoS Attack. Suffers DNS Outage

8. Data wiping Shamoon targeting Middle-East energy sector.

9. University of South Craolina web server hacked by overseas attackers

9. M.D. Anderson sustains second security breach this year

10. FTC Sues Wyndham Hotels Over Data Security Failures - 

Hotel chain slammed for poor information security practices, leading to attackers obtaining 600,000 credit card numbers and committing millions of dollars in fraud

11. Chinese hackers breach Indian navy computers 

Chinese hackers allegedly plant bug via flash drives on India navy's computers, which relayed sensitive data to China IP addresses, report notes.

12.  VMware Breached, More Hypervisor Source Code To Come

 Hacker Hardcore Charlie reveals stolen VMware source code and documents from Asian defense contractors, promises more disclosures in May. 

13.Iranian oil terminal 'offline' after 'malware attack' - Iran has been forced to disconnect key oil facilities after suffering a malware attack on Sunday, say reports

14. US charges Russian over $1.45 million hacking scheme - A Russian national has been charged in the U.S. for allegedly hacking into brokerage accounts and executing fraudulent trades. Four brokerage firms claim caused combined $1 million in losses.

15. Hackers access Medicaid Records from State of Utah systems. Hackers believed to be from eastern Europe

16. Mastercard and Visa investigate data breach that may have compromised  security of 10 million credit card holders

17. Six hackers in the U.S. and abroad associated with Lulzsec arrested

18. NASA hacked 13 times last year, space agency says. Hackers had full functional control.

19. Nortel hacking went unnoticed for almost 10 years. Hackers broke into Nortel's network  over a decade ago and over the years downloaded  technical papers, business plans, research and development report, employee emails, etc.

20. Anonymous hacks into security consulting firm Strategic Forecasting Inc. (Stratfor) stealing thousands of emails, credit card numbers, etc. and posting them on the web.

21.  Suspicion in Iran that Stuxnet caused Revolutionary Guard base explosions. Is the Stuxnet worm back on the warpath?

22. Cyber training no longer basic. A new training domain for the U.S. military-cyber warfare.

23. Four arrested in the Phillipines for alleging hacking AT&T. They were apparently working on commission for terrorist group that perpetrated the Mumbai attacks.

24.SONY's Online Entertainment Network  hacked exposing over 25 million identities

 SONY revealed that is Online Entertainment Network was hacked, not once, but three times, exposing millions of identities and credit card number to hackers.

25.  Security breach at email marketing firm Epsilon exposes customer data

A security breach at e-mail marketing firm Epsilon has exposed some customer data at a number of large retailers and financial-services firms, as well as the organization that administers the SAT test for millions of students, in what may be among the largest cyber-attacks in U.S. history. The Wall Street Journal  

26. Google pulls over 50 Android  malware-laden apps from Google Market

Google dropped more than 50 apps from its Android market when it was discovered that they contained malware such as rootkits that could steal personal information

27. Microsoft accuses former manager of stealing 600mb of confidential documents

28. Work E-mail Not Protected by Attorney Client Privilege, Court says

Email between a client and attorney are no longer considered privileged and confidential if the client writes the messages from a work e-mail account, a California court of appeals has ruled.