Hacking Tools

Hacking exploits have become increasingly common in recent years--in part-- because of free, readily  available, easy-to-use tools. These tools, generally tailored to a particular type of attack, can be downloaded from the web and mastered by a tech-savvy 14-year-old. If your systems and network can not withstand an attack from these tools, then all I can say is... start praying.

We, at IT Securitas, are ever vigilant in  monitoring these hacker web sites, download and test these tools. In  this way, we can stay ahead of the hackers and help you to protect your systems and network. We make available these tools to the our clients and the public, so that they may use them exclusively for DEFENSIVE and legal purposes in order to strengthen their defenses from attack from these tools. As new and more sophisticated tools invariably become available, we will test them and make them available here for use by our clients to test their systems and networks.


 Nikto/Wikto http://cirt.net/nikto2 

 hping3   http://www.hping.org/download



 Havij www.filecrop.com/havij.html

 Vulnerability Scanning 

 Wireless Hacking 

 Wireless  Recon 

 Password Crackers 

 John the Ripper http://www.openwall.com/john/ 

 Packet Crafters 

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